Editors in Chief

My Ha

My Ha is a fourth-year Molecular and Cell Biology major with an emphasis on Genetics, Genomics, and Development. Her passion for pharmaceutical research and science communication spurred her interest in medical writing. She loves exploring new bakeries, cafes, and bookstores; cooking; and listening to audiobooks.

Vimathi Gummalla

Vimathi Gummalla is a fourth-year pursuing degrees in Mathematics and Molecular and Cell Biology major with an emphasis on Biochemistry. She is passionate about biology at the molecular level and its connection to diseases and is excited to share new research and technology from the Bay Area to local communities! Outside of academics, her hobbies include traveling, watching movies, and cooking.

Editorial Staff

Kaavya Thanigaivelan

Kaavya Thanigaivelan is a third-year majoring in Molecular and Cell Biology with an emphasis on Immunology & Pathogenesis and minoring in Public Policy. She is passionate about virology and oncology, and her career goal is to become a cardiothoracic surgeon! Outside of academics, her hobbies include staying active, cooking, dance, and exploring the city!

Lizzy Trinh

Lizzy Trinh is a third-year Integrative Biology major with plans to pursue veterinary medicine. When she’s not researching about turtle skulls or teaching kids, she likes to play badminton, draw, and foster animals in need. She’s passionate about animal behavior and health and wants to dedicate her career to educating the next generation on global health issues.

Lavanya Sankaran

Lavanya Sankaran is a third-year student majoring in Public Health with a minor in Global Poverty and Practice. She has long been interested in studying how historically disadvantaged groups, such as racial minorities and women, continue to face targeted barriers that hinder their access to equal opportunities and outcomes today. Through her internship with the Asian Family Support Services of Austin and publications in the Berkeley Medical Journal, Lavanya has been able to pursue her passions with community support, and she hopes to apply her learnings to a medical field in the future. When Lav isn’t editing for the Berkeley Medical Journal, you can find her on a run, trying out a new recipe, or discovering a new boba spot in Berkeley!

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