First Steps to a Cure: Protein C4 Implicated in Schizophrenia Risk

by: Zachary Grimmett Schizophrenia is a devastating psychiatric disease that is characterized by impaired advanced cognitive function, typically presenting in late adolescence or early adulthood. Unfortunately, scientific researchers have been puzzled by the underlying mechanism behind this disease since its discovery. While drugs exist to treat symptoms of schizophrenic psychosis, there are many other symptoms […]

Like Mother Like Daughter: Study finds heritable transmission of emotional neurocircuitry

by: Sarah Rockwood Parents provide much more than food on the table, a roof to live under, and the occasional time-out. They contribute the genetic framework and environmental upbringing that shapes each one of us–the combination of nature and nurture that shapes us into unique individuals. These intergenerational effects determine a myriad of phenotypes, from […]

Why Costa Ricans Outlive Americans

by: Sandeep Kaur Why do some populations live longer than others? Many factors unquestionably influence the health indicators of a population. Researchers are attempting to understand why Costa Rica outperforms the United States in life expectancy, despite the United States having higher income and health care expenditures. For example, “mortality in the United States is […]

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